Ginger Lemon Cubes

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I’m on a major health kick lately, so I decided to start adding ginger and lemon to my water game. “Water game” makes this all sound far more exciting, right?!?!? Sigh. Oh well. I tried. Before making these cubes, I got started on my mission of adding ginger and lemon to my water by just cutting lemon and ginger into slices—but it didn’t seem too effective. So I started digging around on the internet for inspiration and found some recipes for ginger ice cubes. I didn’t follow the recipe at all, and I definitely didn’t use honey in my cubes, but you can check it out here if you’d like. Instead, I decided to experiment a little and create something of my own. While most recipes are going to tell you to just use the juice of the lemon, I decided that I wanted to use lemon zest and peel in my cubes, because of all the great health benefits of consuming this part of the lemon. Plus, I’m all about using as much of a piece of food as possible—as I hate unnecessary food waste. 

To get started, I washed off a bunch of lemons, about six or seven I think. Then I started processing each lemon completely before moving onto the next. First, I tested the lemon using my grater, then I collected some of the lemon peels with my handy peeler. Next, I cut the lemon in half and juiced as much as possible. 

I’m going to be honest, this process was a total pain. I don’t have a juicer currently (and I’ll be getting one soon after learning the hard way how necessary a juicer is) so I was basically squeezing the lemon then smashing the inside of a lemon half with a spoon to get as much of the remaining lemon juice as possible. It was not a fun process. I do not recommend. 

After all the lemon madness was done, I strained the juice, removed the seeds from the strainer and added the leftover pulp back into the bowl of lemon juice. Then I transferred the lemon juice to a measuring cup and added a little water. 


I then transferred the lemon peels and lemon zest into two ice cube trays, distributing the peels and zest as much as possible.


I wasn’t a perfectionist about this, because I was pretty sick of dealing with all this lemon madness at this point. I wasn’t trying to make a Pinterest-perfect photograph of these ice cubes, luckily. 

Once I was done with that, I went onto peeling and grating the ginger. Look at this beauty:


I totally struggled with this part, too, so definitely need some ginger peeling pro tips, because I do not get how people do this well. So I was just apathetic about doing it correctly and ended up not having perfectly peeled ginger. I figured this wasn’t a big deal until I tried the cubes. Getting ginger peels stuck in your mouth while drinking isn’t awesome! Live and learn. 

After I was done peeling all the ginger, I transferred it among the ice cube trays. Then I added a little of the lemon juice to each cube, then added a little more water to the cubes until the trays were evenly filled.


When I was done with that, I put the cubes in the freezer to chill out. I came back to them the next day to try them out.

I tried them last night and I thought they were decent. Warning: if you’re looking for some tasty recipe, you really came to the wrong place. I was looking for something to help my digestive system and reduce bloating, and these ice cubes definitely help out with that. There are chunks of lemon and ginger in the finished product, so it’s a little tricky to handle. I’m definitely not going to drink more than a cup a day, but I do like how I feel drinking a jar of this elixir. I would describe the end result as a super healthy-tasting lemonade. So if you’re looking to get healthier, try these out. If you’re looking for a tasty treat, keep looking! 


Ginger lemon cubes

6-7 lemons

1 pc ginger root


  1. With a grater, zest lemons onto a plate. 
  2. Peel off some lemon peels with a lemon peeler into a bowl and set aside. 
  3. Juice the lemons into a bowl, and try to retain as much pulp as possible. Strain the lemon juice, transferring the juice into a liquid measuring cup. Remove the seeds from the strainer and add the pulp back into the lemon juice. Add a little water to the measuring cup, to the top fill line (to the two-cup line). Set aside. 
  4. Transfer the lemon zest and peels into two ice cube trays, dividing as evenly as possible. 
  5. Peel and grate the ginger root. Add the grated ginger to the ice cube trays, again dividing as evenly as possible. 
  6. Evenly distribute the lemon juice into the ice cube trays. Refill the liquid measuring cup with water and top any cubes that aren’t filled to the top. 
  7. Set trays in the freezer. Chill overnight. 


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